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I.    What is PolyApplet ?
II.   ImageFinder Family
III.  Where Should I Start?
IV.  ImageFinder
V.   Order
VI.  User's Guide

I. What is PolyApplet?

PolyApplet is one of two programming tools for the ImageFinder. In particular, it is a .Net Class Library.

Attrasoft ImageFinder looks at an image(s) and locates similar images from a directory or a file. The ImageFinder can be used for:

  •  Image Verification              (1:1 Matching);
  •  Image Identification           (1:N Matching); &
  •  Image Search or Retrieval (1:N Matching). 
The image matching engine in the ImageFinder is PolyApplet.

Attrasoft PolyApplet is a .Net Class Library, which simulates two types of neural networks:

  •  Binary/Polytomous Hopfield Model (multi-valued Hopfield Model)
  •  Binary/Polytomous Boltzmann Machine (multi-valued Boltzmann Machine)
Attrasoft PolyApplet is a programming tool. All of the Attrasoft software uses and only uses PolyApplet 6.0. You can design your neural network using Attrasoft PolyApplet and Microsoft Visual Studio .Net.

The software also provides the examples of using the Attrasoft PolyApplet to produce the following Attrasoft software:

  •  Predictor
  •  DecisionMaker
  •  PolyNet
  • ABM (Attrasoft Boltzmann Machine)

II. ImageFinder Family?

The ImageFinder family has 4 members:

  •  ImageFinder 6.0
  •  ImageFinder for Dos 6.0
  •  TransApplet 6.0
  •  PolyApplet 6.0
Attrasoft Software Structure consists of three layers: 
  •  Application Layer 
  •  Translation Layer 
  •  Attrasoft Matching Engine (AME) Layer (Neural Network Layer) 

Within this Structure:

  •  ImageFinder 6.0 is a standalone software.
  •  ImageFinder for Dos 6.0 is the Application-Layer programming tool.
  •  TransApplet 6.0 is the Presentation Layer programming tool.
  •  PolyApplet 6.0 is AME Layer programming tool.
III. Where Should I Start?

(1) You should start with the ImageFinder 6.0. Click here as your starting point with the ImageFinder 6.0. 
(2) Once you have solved your image recognition problem with the standalone software ImageFinder 6.0, you can move to the programming tool, the PolyApplet and TransApplet. 

V. Order 

  • Online Order- Mail Delivery
  • Mail Order: 

  • PolyApplet,Attrasoft,
    P. O. Box 13051, Savannah, GA. 31406, USA
    (Online Order - Online Delivery is not possible, because of the file size.)

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