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What is New?

This is an update to Attrasoft Predictor.

If you have not used the Predictor, you should use the Predictor first.

This version introduces:

  • 100,000 neurons.
  • Multiple runs: You can run all the files in one directory, up to 2000 files.
  • Batch code: you can save your settings in a batch code and run the batch code in one click.
  • Attrasoft Dow 5.

  • About Attrasoft PredictorPro

    Making decisions based on your projection of the future events is a way of life. Attrasoft PredictorPro is a fast terabyte data processing tool for your database. It uses a sequence of numbers to predict the next row of numbers in line. It uses historical data to predict future possibilities. It does not matter what you want to predict. 

    90% of the work in using the PredictorPro is preparing your database containing your historical data. (Many corporations already have their database in place, which contains years of historical data. It is often overwhelming because of the sheer volume to mine the data for the purpose of strategic thinking.) The remaining 10% of the work is to operate the PredictorPro (a few clicks). The PredictorPro is especially good if you have a terabyte or gigabyte database because of its accuracy and speed.

    Once your data is prepared correctly, the PredictorPro is able to provide you with rated predictions on any subject or any problem. Attrasoft PredictorPro can:


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