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Attrasoft, Inc. is an Image-Recognition company with patented market proven core technology.

Attrasoft Core Technology:

  • Product Image ID Via Image Recognition

  • Quality Control Via Image Recognition

  • Single website search engine using ‘images’ instead of ‘Keywords’

  • Customized projects

Online image demo, attraseek.com.

Download image demo, ImageFinderLite.

Case Study

Product Image ID
When our client wanted to find an image among hundreds of thousands of images, they selected Attrasoft technology.

Quality Control
When our client wanted to do product quality control via computer image recognition, they selected Attrasoft technology.

Single Website Image Search Engine
When our client wanted to find an image among hundreds of thousands of images in their website, they selected Attrasoft technology.

Market Pain

Product Image ID

  • Human beings can work with up to a few thousand images, beyond that, every image looks alike; at this point, human errors are huge.

Quality Control

  • Quality Control is boring. Human beings are inconsistent (i.e., different humans, different days, different countries).

Single Website Image Search Engine

  • 80% of Big Data is images and video.

  • 95% of the Digital Universe is not searchable via keywords (IDC white paper).

  • Numbers of images and videos will double every three years, thus exacerbating the problem.

  • Manual tagging is labor intensive, time consuming, and unscalable.


Product Image ID

ImageFinder and VideoFinder are our flagship products in this category:

  • It provides automated image matching for product images.

  • It requires a set up process.

Quality Control

ImageTrainer and ImageIndentifier are our flagship products in this category:

  • It provides automated image matching for quality control based on training sets, which teaches the ImageTrainer what images are good and what images are bad.

  • It requires a set up process.

Single Website Image Search Engine

Mini-AttraSeek is our flagship product in this category:

  • It provides automated image matching within your website or database without manual tagging.

  • It is an off-the-shelf product.

  • It can be deployed in your website or hosted/managed by Attrasoft for your website.

  • It eliminates the descriptive image word tagging process, which is used in the image identification process today.

  • It requires a set up process.


Attrasoft specializes in image tagging using computer software.

We use Attrasoft software, ImageTagger, to tag random images automatically.

Demo Movies


Quality Control

Single Website Image Search Engine


Product Image ID

  • Reduces your manual search personnel by 90% using Tag-less identification of products.

  • Reduces user search time from 5 minutes to 5 - 20 seconds, which can increase sales for companies selling over the web where images are critical to the sale (i.e., art, wheel rims, home decor items, laundry detergent, etc.).

  • Increase searchable images by a factor of 20.

Quality Control

  • Achieve consistent qualitative measurements

  • Eliminate problems when using different humans, different days, different countries.

  • Eliminate 8-hour-per-day limit

Single Website Image Search Engine

  • Reduce image identification time by 90%

  • Increase searchable untagged images by a factor of 100 or more.


"We love Attrasoft." Peter A. Andrell III, CTO, TNS Media Intelligence.

TNS Media Intelligence is the leading provider of strategic advertising intelligence to advertisers, advertising agencies, and media properties. TNS has currently deployed customized Attrasoft ImageFinder software into their US magazine monitoring system and US newspaper monitoring system.

Attrasoft technology matches newly captured images with an image database and is in large-scale deployment with emphasis on speed, accuracy, and scalability. It has been deployed in TNS several years.

Dramatic Difference

Image search using an image as the search criteria is a revolutionary addition to today’s image search using words.

One of our clients has increased their market share from 85% to 90% in their industry because they are matching images against images directly, instead of matching images with keywords.


The demos below allow anyone to test the ease-and-use of the technology by accurately locating ANY image among a large database of images in seconds.

NOTE: This is a demo that only has 1.5 million images. It is not meant to replicate a Net Search. Use of random images may not get a match. Please test with our 40,000 TEST IMAGES.

One Quick Test with Google Logos.

Many Quick Tests with Google Logos.

Many Quick Tests with Product Images.

Many Quick Tests with Product Images.

Many Quick Tests with multiple scanned advertisement images.

Many Quick Tests with multiple scanned document images.

Do your own test with 40,000 test images online.

Local testing with your own test images.

Video search demo.


What is New?



1. Image Search Engine:

a. It allows user to search the web using ‘images’ as the search criteria.
b. It allows for whole image to whole image matching only.
c. The product website is attraseek.com

2. Image Recognition:

a. Quickly identify the existence of a product image among many product images.
b. Search your hard drive using images as search criteria.
c. Customized Examples: ID wheel rims, stamps, plates, ships, healthcare
products, laundry detergents, military applications, etc.
d. The product website is http://attrasoft.com/imagefinderlite2010/

3. Object Detection within an Image:

a. Use QC images to determine good quality product vs bad quality product.
b. Customized Examples: toothbrush bristles, tire tread recognition, military

4. Video Object Detection:

a. Customized Examples: logos within a video, items within a video…
b. Visual recognition for trucks entering manufacturing facilities.
c. Match objects on video to objects in your custom database.

5. Video Search Engine allows you to:

a. Search the internet via video clips.
b. Search your hard drive via video clips.
c. Track down stolen content across a variety of video streaming "tube" sites.
d. Recognize watermarks on videos.
e. Identify digital fingerprints.
f. Customized.

6. Ad Identification:

a. Quickly identify Ad images among many Ad images.

7. Surveillance Video Analysis:

a. Quickly identify ‘activities’ on the surveillance tape;
b. Reduce viewing time by 95%.
c. Automatic cCustomization for your environment via automatic retraining.

8. Steganography:

a. Hide your important messages in images so you can store them safely and send/receive them safely.


Off-the-Shelf Products




IFSurveillance (Home Video Surveillance Software)

  • Its purpose is to save you time.

  • You can see 10 hours of surveillance in 10 seconds.

  • Automatically trainable to adapt to your environment.




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